Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pinaflor (SImply Rockflower): Wedding Gowns in Laguna

Pinaflor creates fabrics and other hand made crafts from the finest quality in Lumban, Laguna. You can buy Pinaflor products at A. Lavin St. Salac, Lumban, Laguna or check out the Page in Facebook and look for Pinaflor.

Inspired by fine embroidery, Filipino culture and a good friend, Ernest Santiago, we offer fabrics and crafts from classic to a range of other cultures that best defines fabrics.

Our shop has been producing fabrics since 2007. The process has changed little over the last few years. We incorporated handpainting and other crafts, aside from the usual Pina cloths to be made into Barong Tagalog. The crafters create their masterpieces as their ancestors have done for years using traditional hand embroideries This gives our fabrics their unique blend of color and quality.

We are proud of our culture and we are committed to protecting and furthering the industry that has helped shape the town of Lumban.